I am experimenting with (vegan) polow recipes. This persian style of cooking rice really got me. When the tahdiq (the rice crust) comes out well it is indeed a way to celebrate (at least for me). A detailed recipe will probably follow, for now I will just record some notes.

Start by washing basmati rice until the water is completely clean. Add it to boiling water, cook for about 9 minutes. Then wash the rice with cold water again.

Grind some safron, mix it with some sugar and salt and some soy yoghurt. Add some of the cooked rice to the safron/yoghurt mixture:

Fry some pine nuts in margarine, add barberries (I didn’t have barberries, hence I used goji berries):

Fry vegan chicken in margarine for a few minutes, then add water, some safron, cinnamon, cumin, curcuma. Let it fry/cook for a little bit.

Chop dill, add dill and pine nut/goji berry mixture to the rice (the non-safron/yoghurt rice).

Prepare a coated pot: put some margarine into it, then comes the safron/yoghurt/rice mixture. Spread it evenly so that it covers the whole base of the top. Add this rice mixture carefully to the pot.

Also add the chicken to the pot. Let it steam for about an hour on (very) low temperature. Use the usual lid-in-towel trick to prevent water dropping back into the pot.

After an hour of steaming, overturn the rice.

And prepare on plates.