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This is Wosa. Wosa stands for "WordSet Assembler" and has been written as an assistance tool for users in putting together wordsets respecting specific constraints. Wosa implements basic program logic while the real work, including a user interface, is to be implemented by a backend module.

Backend: Nebelfiller

At the moment there exists only one backend module, which is called "Nebelfiller". It was successfully used in the the context of a psycholinguistics research project, where a list of many wordset, quadruples to be precise, had to be assembled.

Get Wosa/Nebelfiller

The code can be found on [github]( It is available under a BSD license.

Status of the Code

Wosa/Nebelfiller was written for a very specific purpose. I have tried to organize the code in a way which, in principle, allows for the adoption of the codebase by plugging in a different backend module (the included Nebelfiller backend might serve as a template).


The following gives you an impression of how Wosa/Nebelfiller works and for what other sitautions it might be useful for.

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